Creating custom one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces is our specialty. We look forward to working with each customer to create their perfect piece using the highest quality materials that are ethically sourced all while respectfully keeping our customers within their agreed upon budget.


How long will it take to make my ring/pendant/earrings etc?

Typically, most pieces take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to complete once the agreed upon design has been approved. The simpler the piece the shorter the turnaround. A complex engagement ring with hundreds of diamonds pave set will take closer to 6 weeks whereas a simple band with some hand engraving will only take around 3 weeks.

Sometimes pieces do take longer but we make every effort to keep the schedule we discuss at the time of purchase. If you are on a tight time-line please let us know at the beginning so every effort can be made to expedite the process while maintaining the utmost quality.

A common schedule for a moderately complex custom piece.

•Design Time --- 1 hour and up

•Stone Sourcing --- incl. in initial consult or up to 1-5 days

•Sketches and/or CAD models --- incl. in initial consult or up to 1-5 days

•Wax adjustments Quality control and stone fitting --- 1-2 days

Even if a wax is approved by the client, it may need adjustments or perfecting to make sure everything is going to work correctly. We make sure every job is done right.

•Wax Creation and Viewings --- 1-3 days each

Repeat as needed… some customers make decisions after one meeting, others spend more time in design and wax creation phase.

•Finishing Details, Stone setting, and Quality control --- 1-12 days

•Casting into metal --- 2-7 days

•Finishing (engraving, filigree, stone setting, etc) --- 1-5 days

How does it work?

It all starts with making an appointment so we can sit down and have a conversation to discuss your design ideas, time frame & budget and answer any questions that you have. When a design is settled, a firm, written estimate will be given for the project, a deposit taken and the creation begins!

Next: Design Rendering, CAD models, casting, detailing, stone setting, filigree or engraving and final finishes come last.

Is custom more expensive?

Our custom Made Pieces are priced comparable to fine quality mass produced pieces, and you get exactly what you want!

Buying directly from the source saves you money and you get a better piece of fine jewelry.

Sometimes the customer needs do not require a custom item….not to worry, we have professional relationships with both suppliers of mass produced jewelry settings as well as relationships with world renowned and award winning designers

Pricing is based on design complexity & difficulty, metal and gemstones. Many custom shops are expensive, but we produce top quality Original Designs for less than most stores sell mass produced pieces.

The way we can afford to sell our designs at a better overall cost than a typical jewelry store or custom jeweler is a combination of a few key points: While a large factory can mass produce for 10-20% lower cost than us, they sell that item to a store which must mark it up from 50% to as much as 600% to cover their own costs, marketing, profits etc. At Chamaty Diamonds we make that ring for you, to your style and taste, and sell it to you with no extra markup. Isaac Chamaty who is the owner of Chamaty Diamonds, has been cutting diamonds since the age of 14 and currently is the only Master Diamond Cutter west of Chicago. His enduring years of perfecting his art has led to long established relationships with the world’s top end diamond manufacturers. We utilize Isaacs skills as a diamond cutter and our contacts with these top diamond and gemstone manufacturers to source our client’s diamonds and gemstones.


We can meet most realistic schedules, so let us know what is important to you and we will do our very best to achieve it!

What are the shipping and handling costs?

Free Shipping On All Domestic Orders over $500

Once completed, orders will be shipped via FedEx or UPS 2 day air (U.S. addresses) or USPS to APO address at no additional charge.


International Orders & Shipping

International customers will be quoted shipping as part of their order, and are responsible for any duties, VAT, taxes or surcharges levied or charged by their country. Please check with local authorities prior to placing your order to confirm taxes and duties. Military personnel located overseas may also have their packages shipped to an APO or FPO location free of charge. APO/FPO shipments are done through the US Post Office and can take longer (sometimes up to three weeks) to arrive.

How does it work?

It all starts with making an appointment so we can sit down and have a conversation to discuss your design ideas, time frame & budget and answer any questions that you have. When a design is settled, a firm, written estimate will be given for the project, a deposit taken and the creation begins!

Next: Design Rendering, CAD models, casting, detailing, stone setting, filigree or engraving and final finishes come last.

How do I choose the best metal for my custom ring?

We find that If price is not considered, Platinum is almost always first choice for white metals that will be set with many stones such as a pave setting. This is due to the fact that platinum holds diamonds and gemstones better than other metal options due to malleability and ductility.

White gold is also very popular, stronger and whiter than ever. Also, newer white Gold alloys are less likely to cause irritation than they used to. We also offer Palladium 950, a platinum group metal, with similar properties at only much lower cost than Platinum.

We also create pieces in all of the high carat gold colors including yellow, green and pink in carats from 10k to 22k, the most common being 18k yellow gold.

Can I have my own metal melted down and reused in a custom piece?

We have the capability to do this, but do not recommend re-using metal from an old piece of jewelry or scrap. Because alloys vary from piece to piece, there is no way to control the chemical composition or structural integrity of the new piece if we do not know the source of the metal.

Generally Yellow Gold recasts ok, but white gold does not. We do not recast platinum or palladium. We offer properly recycled metals as an option for new castings. We can take in old jewelry for “scrap value” credit towards your custom project, and order newly recycled metals that have been accurately chemically balanced.

Can I use my own stones in a custom piece? Will you set my Stone?

Yes! As long as your stones are in good condition, they can be reset into a new piece. Contact us for Stone setting fees, as they vary with the value, difficulty and durability of the stone.

Do you offer Conflict-Free diamonds?

The only diamonds and gemstones we deal in are absolutely Conflict-Free. Conflict-Free diamonds are stones mined, cut, polished and distributed in ethical ways, whose profits do not fund war, terrorism the drug trade or other criminal activity. The Kimberly process was set up to guide and monitor the Diamond industry and is conformed to by almost all governments of the world and by all the important diamond producing, cutting and distribution companies of the world.

We only work with diamond and gemstone cutters and dealers who guarantee their diamonds are sourced under Kimberly rules.

Are your gemstones & metals responsibly sourced?

The earth and our environment are important to us, so we make our jewelry in the most carefully & responsible way.

We hand-select fine gemstones that are conflict free; we choose suppliers who care & who make sure that these precious gems are mined responsibly too. We use recycled & responsibly-mined metals to make your fine jewelry too.

How do I know that it will turn out the way I want it?

We work very closely with each customer to ensure that the design is what they want. We promise that you will love your custom jewelry or tell us within 30 days of completion and we will modify, redesign or start over one time for free! The only charge will be for the difference in price if the new design would have cost more originally.

We will re-design and re-make one time, for free, as long as the recipient is included in the design process all the way till the end.

If what you want is the ring to be a surprise, then what we do is mount the diamond or gemstone of your choice into a solitaire setting. Once the ring has been presented to the final recipient the two of you can come in and begin with the custom design process. We will credit you the entire amount paid for the solitaire setting and apply it toward your custom design.

What are your warranties?

We use only the highest quality materials and each piece is carefully inspected prior to shipment & we guarantee all of our work for at least one year. We stand behind everything we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry, it can be mailed back to our offices for inspection. If the problem is determined to be from a structural defect, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you. You may also return your jewelry to our shop for free prong tightening, re-polishing, and cleaning for the life of your fine jewelry, with only nominal shipping fees. Please Contact Us if you have questions or would like to return your item for any of our free warranty services.

What is the best way to care for my jewelry?

Most precious metals and Gemstones will need very little care to keep them looking fresh & new. A few pointers:


•We suggest having your piece inspected at least every 6 months for wear and gemstone security.

•To keep your piece looking great, try to avoid wearing in the shower or the ocean and put your jewelry on last to avoid getting cosmetics or perfumes on them.

•You can clean most gemstones in commercial jewelry cleaning solution, but don't submerge pearls, emeralds, opals or anything glued in or inlaid.

•We also do not suggest regular polishing as microscopic amounts of metal are removed each time.

•Many of our matte finishes can be restored with a very soft rub with a Scotch-Brite pad (again, be careful not to scuff softer gemstones.)

•You can expect to need your rings prongs and shanks built up every 5-15 years for gold alloys, every 10-20 years for Palladium & once or twice in a lifetime for Platinum. Pendants and earrings don't get the same wear and should last a lifetime without these issues, but pendant bails may need built up on occasion.

•The only gemstones we recommend for engagement and wedding rings, where they will be worn daily for decades are Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies. Since even these gemstones can scratch or chip, all other gemstones are likely to be damaged much sooner, so be careful choosing lesser gems for everyday jewelry.